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Tuesday, 21 August 2012 06:03

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Greetings in the Mars day ... the Pink day of Love for the Heavens ... and the Red day of Humans ...

    Mars ... with its strength and impulse let our Blood flow faster in our veins ...

    And Our veins includes ... The Four Elements.

    Last Saturday ... Sabbath ... now not only Saturn-day but also Mercury-day because the double blessing of these two planets on Sabbath ...

    Last Sabbath I did a great and cool walking ... over than two hours ... to visit a small county, a small hamlet ... close to my city where I have some houses to fix.

    It is a great zone ... very green ... and fresh about 600 meters over sea.

    In a moment ... I feel ALL FOUR spirits of Nature ... I feel the Undine, the sylphys, the salamanders and the gnome.

    I feel ... I do not see them ...

    Please remember that ...

The four elements of Earth (air, fire, water, and earth) are of themselves living entities ruled by elemental spirits, which exist in the ethereal world—a consciousness framework parallel to yours.

These have been identified by your mystics, respectively, as: sylphs, salamanders, undines, and gnomes—and all are ruled by the angelic beings, who are the High Spirits of the etheric realms. Of these:

The Air Spirits (sylphs)
exist in the highest vibratory frequency of the elements that form the Earth and all bio-forms of Earth. They interact with human beings in aspects that regard the intelligent mind (impulses along the neuron pathways), the conceptualization of the Universe, thought, communication, and philosophy.

The Fire Spirits (salamanders)
exist in the flame: they interact with human energy patterns, the collective passion and will, the body electric.

The Water Spirits (undines)
exist within the water itself: they are directly involved with the spiritual content of the waters of Gaia and exist in the emotional body of human beings, animals, and plants.

Water is the quintessential aspect of earth consciousness, much as fire is of the planet Mars (in its present state). The Water Spirits are being called upon to assist in the restructuring of all DNA of life forms on your planet, as it is of the greatest significance to the accelerating alteration of your DNA that the cellular waters be pure and vibrating at their highest frequencies, in order to perform their function as intercellular data transmitters. They interact with the living beings of Gaia at the emotional level.

The Earth Spirits (gnomes)
relate to the mineral kingdom—Spirit at a slower vibration. This realm provides the nutrients for the plant and animal kingdoms and is the foundation of all life forms on the planet.

These spirit beings will be resonating to the higher frequencies of the fourth dimension and (as complex as this may seem to you)
they, too, experience altered consciousness, as the density refines to a higher frequency. This is valid for the plant families, for the animals, and for human life.

We do wish to emphasize to you that the emotional state of the animals is extremely important to the question of their ascension. Those who are abused; those who have been subjected to the cages of perpetrators of cruelty in all forms—however noble the inflictors of torture believe their work to be; those who are abandoned; those who experience the slow extermination of their species in the wild ... all those animals suffering at the hand of man will not proceed through the ascension process with you.

It is important, so important, to consider the emotional nature of the animals and their relationship to the Earth and to be loving, responsible caretakers.

Human beings, animals, plants, minerals: all interact in the process; all are experiencing the shift, at some degree or another.


My mother who is original from that county speak about a gnome people see ...

The Spirits of Air, sylphs  ... continue to stay with me all the day and also on Sunday.

England is very special with Nature Spirit.

From a New Age and Physics, point of view, I can tell you that they are the 2D ... Two Dimensional souls.

This is perfect possible because Atoms have Consciousness.

Saint Germain who was Francis Bacon and who write the Shakespeare plays say:

78 This spiritual magnetism, 79 infused with creative intelligence, power, and love, is a flux whose density permeates the entire sphere and realm of each atom, 80 extending outward into molecular and cellular composition and thence through the elemental phases of nature, manifesting unto planetary scale. 81 And when correctly understood, these particles shall be known to be whirling in infinitely fantastic orbital paths through solar, galactic, and universal densities.

-- Commanding Consciousness : 78-81.

Therefore when the enlightened Bacon ... wrote Shakespeare and the Midsummer night's dream ... He feels to these spirit.

Well ... I hope you like the teaching and of course ...

Enjoy the play!

He cannot be heard of. Out of doubt he is
  -- A Midsummer Night's Dream.


Giovanni A. Orlando.

PS. Remember the movie: 'The Return of the King' ... He must be in perfect accord with All Forces ... be the King ... and you too. Because the King need all the Alliance of the Multiple Dimensions to play its role. The King is simply the best ... man ... wise and priest able to handle and interact these interplays. Blessings.

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