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Monday, 05 March 2012 05:18

What about to unlock the DNA ... to bring a valid proof showing in a Mirror your Past Lives? ...


Greetings in the day of the Moon, the White Moon-day ...

    And I give you a mirror ... some hours ago ... is a mirror that reflect many of my past lives.

    Of Course I AM a New Ager, but I am also a Scientist ... What about to prove it? ... What about to show you ... your Past Lives?

    I AM the One who watch and Live ... three of their past lives ... I enter in Meditation in the year of 2009, and 'read' my Akashic Records ... Nothing special ... if you are able to do that ...

   What about to ...

  • UNLOCK Our DNA? ...
  • UNLOCK the Cosmic Lattice around us  ? ...
  • Show your Past Lives ... on a Mirror ? ...

   Would this be ... Cool Enough? ... I think so ...

   Let me say that Masters did that ... There are a Mirror ... like a Great Television ... It is called the 'Cosmic Mirror' ...

   Of Course they cannot gift you ... but we can learn to develop the Right Technology ... for our Use, the Human Use.

   Do you will like ... and sit before this 'Cosmic Mirror' ... and watch your Past Lives? ... Cool ... Don't you? ...

   Honestly my friends ... we all ... meet in the past ... in some place ...

   You can consider ... Time like a Corridor ... from Past to Future ... A location in the Past ... may be Florence when two person meet ... is a point in Time ...

   Masters with Great View ... can watch this ... the entire Panorama ... like someone on the Top of a Mountain that see several valleys ... and so is ... Multidimensional speaking ...

   What about to produce Matter ... and therefore Food and Gold ... Is not this what did Lord Jesus, Saint Germain and Sai Baba, recently ... Indeed they did ...


   In past times, in Egypt ... the person basically male (but also female) that was able to communicate with the Netters become Pharaoh ...

   Because he (or she) the Pharaoh was able to unlock the message from the Netters ... The Gods ... and therefore move Civilization forward in the Right Direction ...

   Now, I want to give you some words ... from a Speech made by Angel Kryon about DNA that will appears in my 'The Secret of the Andes' ... You can read it here ... in full.

   The speech say as follows ...

And more you learn about Science, more you discover God.

And here you are. With something inside you, that start to be revealed, as part than is different you ever thought. So, dear human being bore with me for a few moments, while I explain DNA.

It is simple Chemistry, it is a multidimensional molecule, it is absolutely filed whit that you call, creator’s energy. There’s a tremendous chemical mystery in DNA to your scientists. Truly only the latest generations they had figure it out. In the forty you learns how they looks like. Truly only a few years ago, it begin to analyze it, and now you know how every chemical looks like.

It opens the book of tremendous mystery. And may be, may be prove what I am telling you now. The body has an excess of twenty six thousand genes. And the scientists, they say we can find out the chemistry of DNA, when we can know it. And now they know.

And they know less than they know before. But they discover a little over 3% of DNA makes all the 26,000 genes. And more than 90% seems to do nothing. You know how many chemical are in DNA? At three-dimensional level? …

Over 3 Billion … in one DNA molecule. And the secret of Human life, the production of genes, less than 4%. What you do with that information?

What is the next logical question? What does the ninety percent do? And so here is the puzzle before Science. And they do not know what the ninety percent is for. And that is the information that Kryon brings.

Before you, you see the structure that we predicted. When you look at things in quantum state they seems to be random or chaotic. So as long you look with three-dimensional eyes and also instruments, only you going to see random chemistry and ninety percent of DNA.

But lately we told you, what is in. 90% of your DNA is information. Profound information. And the Science say if that it so, why we cannot see its structure. And the answer is: “is multidimensional”. We’ll stand by these statement, because your science is going to agree, some day. And indeed they will see symmetry, but not with the instruments they have now. You will hear more about that in a moment.

What’s in DNA? Information which is both chemical and sacred. In a chemical way, it is the information, and a blue print for the genes. Thus, the gene production portion, that is the protein encoded part, are the engine of the race car which is the human body. The 90% tells you which way to turn, how fast to go and how the engine builds like it does.

But let me do it even more simple for you. Have you heard about stamina cells? Forget what you heard. They are all over all the Human Body, they have to be. They’re everywhere. They are available. Science can tap into them. When they do and they see it, they still not understand how they works, because the information is multi-dimensional.

There is a blue-print of the perfect human being in every single stamina cell. It is 90% of the DNA, is information! … Science is not seen that yet .. Ah … but there is more.

Most of DNA carries a multidimensional information that is esoteric. And let start with the most esoteric.

The seed’s Biology you receive from the other part of  that Universe is there right now, and you only had for one hundred thousand years.

Oh Dear Ones, look at the creation stories from all the religions. Almost all are metaphoric, explain humans that are totally sentient that is to say that they exist, that develop and they evolve.

And they exist in the Garden called Earth. And the time when the Earth is done, moving.

And four billions years of the creation of that Garden. Is done with the cataclysms. They happens as the Earth colds.

And the Solar System stabilize like a peaceful system. And then they see spirituality.

Every creation story say the same. The Humans somehow receive aware.

We have told you the story. This is not the place. And I have to say that the seeds of spirituality are only one hundred thousand years ago.

We have the seeds of your ancestors … off the planet in your DNA.

There’s more. 

There are esoteric energies in each single molecule that you can even handle. There is even a piece of the creator.

Hey and esoteric multidimensional image of God. It is so obvious that anyone visiting this planet, and seeing you … will see your power.

And will be very careful with you … And the ironic is that you don’t see it. The ironic is that you don’t see it!

The ironic is you often see yourself as the victim. With negative thoughts with never understanding what is there. And that is what is changing. There is more.

The actual records of your spiritual grow to many lifetimes and expressions on the planet and contained in your DNA. I, I am looking to the room full of old souls … Even the doubter, even the doubter.

Every human has free choice. And at some point in their life they can open their spiritual jar, is they wish.

And they can pull up what they learnt through the ages. Let me ask you a question because many of you had read the Kryon works through the years.

Let me ask you, old soul Is that information new for you? … Be Honest. Absolutely not. But that was nice to remembering as it was. Was nice to see written once. The things that you feel at the cellular level were truth! You know it.

And that is happening. There is a tremendous remembrance going on. Enormous Akashic record  in your lifetimes, is in your DNA.

The imprints that you let upon the Earth, these lives, are still there. Have you have a Deja-Vu?

Do you have a situation where you go some place, that you never be in … and recognize it?

How you think that works? Let me tell you, dear one. It is the activity in your DNA that knows that you were there.

And perhaps not with the eyes you have now. But with the core soul consciousness that remember it.

Even situations that are presented to you. Sometimes those are crossroads. There are those in this room that need to know this.

You may feel with sorrow, with all the situations that you don’t understand. And they come here for that reason and sitting in the chair looking for answers.

Listening to me Old Soul.

Energy is different on this planet than ever has been.

Many of you are having confusions and most Déjà vu they see something that they face before.

The decisions you make before got you … in troubles. They were filled with Darkness. They were not correct for your life.

And that is your felling. Do you want to repeat that? No. You don’t have to. The energy of the planet. The energy of the area … shows you a new way.

 It is not a repeated history.

It is the Building of a New Earth.

The wise decisions you make today will affect the children of tomorrow.

All … in your DNA…

Let us talk about the main aspect of want to bring up. We have told you … that there is a tremendous field in your DNA.

Collectively human beings is over 3 hundred trillions pieces of DNA. All together they create a tremendous multidimensional field around your body.

Over eight meters and half around you and is multi-dimensional. Not necessarily magnetic, but it has attributes of magnetism. And it has a beautiful symmetry, and we give you the name.

The ancient name of the field was given to you by Elisha, who watch his master Elijah ascend, is call the Merkaba, or the Merkabah.

Well, this is the essential field of the DNA. Has there symmetry with it? Can be measured? … Not with tridimensional tools.

Can be seen esoterically? … Oh yes. Beautifully … and who can see it … There are someone in the room … one of the only ones that is allowed to see something that have no symmetry … in 3D.

But beautiful symmetry in multidimensional state and represents … the symbol, and is the teacher Peggy.

And what she does with that. She wants to show you, the infinites layers of it.

For build Joy, and it builds Balance and wisdom … because it has Master inside. And it represent what is the creator.

It is a balance Energy and it covers the entire Universe. As is Above is Below. Because it is all the same.

It is possible that the DNA has a Field? Oh, Science have never told it this. Oh, yes it has.

If you look for it …

In Russia there are a scientist that prove it … decades ago … Who look for? Vladimir Poponin.

Show not only an interdimensional field around one molecule of DNA, but even show that the field is intelligent.

Was able to shake particles of Light in a mathematical design. You see there is symmetry! It is Physics.

There is a field around DNA. Let me ask you a question that never ‘as been solved?

With 300 hundred trillion pieces of DNA in your body … how they all think as one? How they synchronize human body? How they do cellular division on a basis take takes millions at the same time? What kind of communication is that?

Medical Science say Has no idea.

They will say, all is in the brain, you know. They say all is in the brain. And so the brain do it all.

Tri-dimensional signals to every organ  and body, it keeps and going to every communication. That’s is the intelligent energy of the body.

And then you have someone with a separate spinal cord. All the wires and the nerves are separated, completely from the rest of the body.

And the Heart keeps beating… and digestion still happens and even the reproduction organs continue with their cycle!

How’s that if the Boss is the brain? It tells you that something else is going on. If tells you about the intelligent field which is the DNA, constantly synchronize bodily functions.

So us now get to the point. There’s an energy around the Earth, and we told you twenty years ago, that is changing.

This Energy is new, has to do with the 26,000 cycle. Indeed it is a Time fractal and it changes everything.

It hold the potential of an end of age. Twenty one years ago, when it began we told you that WILL NOT BE A BAD END.

We tell you that THERE WILL NOT BE ARMAGEDDON. How bad looks it is not so.

We tell you for things that are outside of what you consider logical. Told you to look for to a slow development of stability.

We still told you to look for integrity in governments. We still told you to look for integrity in financial banking and insurance.

For new consciousness of leadership, that you never seen before.

We ask you to look for the Glue of Unity. As it never happens before and you are seeing …

We told that there will be movements of energy on Earth. We told that the Magnetic Grid will move.

Part of the Grid system is also part of your system.

Realigning of the magnetic of the planet is GAIA’s portion of your shift.

All about DNA and is that field … do you have. It goes eight meters out is like a Giant multidimensional antenna.

What is in picking up? … The Shifts of GAIA.


Now ... Kryon say ... 'All is in your DNA' ... and he explain that the Lakota in United States or the Inca reach that levels. 

Of Course they don't purchase a Super-Computer ... THEY BECOME THE SUPER-COMPUTER ... and teach OTHERS TO DO.

Well ... I feed your brain ... with my ideas ... now let us to think how they grow ...

Have a nice day,

Giovanni A. Orlando (OOest).

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