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Sunday, 16 January 2011 17:32


     Please understand that Our Science To-day is empirical and based on Hypo-Thesis ... and get the repetition in another Lab.

    No part of the Science believe in Life in another planet or Galaxy ... and this is not absurd but also the reason for an incomplete Science.

   Religion speak about Heaven and Heavens ... but NEVER figure out for you ... about Comets driven by the Gods, Experiments for testing on New Planets, etc.

   Dinosaurs were an experiment of Gigantic for of Life ... When the Gods decide to shut down the experiment, they send a comet ... 260 Million years ago, and Good Bye Beloved Dinosaurs ...

  Jesus said in a recent speech ... that "All that regards Earth always was from the Stars ... we belong to the Stars ... they are our origins ... and their Home".

   I prefer you wonder and figure out these words ... reading in full the information about the Evolution on Planets, Venus, Mars and Maldek ...


Giovanni A. Orlando.

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