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Sunday, 14 November 2010 14:36

Greetings ... in this very Sun-day ...

     The question is very simple ... Can DNA changes matter ? ...

     The answer is affirmative and the proof comes from Russian Scientist Vladimir Poponian in 1992.

     In fact, Dr. Poponian did an experiment which result proof that ...

     This is the experiment ...

For this experiment the scientist use a tube creating empty space inside ...  Doing that he note that there were present some photons.

Then, Dr. Poponian got the idea to place a HUMAN DNA inside the tube (always maintaining the empty situation inside the

Once the DNA string was placed inside happens something unexpected. The photons were aligned around the DNA in specular way.

Then the Scientist remove the DNA string from the tube ... supponing that the photons will back to be rearraged in sparse mode, but this does not happens.

In fact, the photons remained in the same position like when the Human DNA was present in the tube.
Conclusions: Thanks to this experiment the scientist conclude that the Human DNA influence directly phonots and then matter.

I, Giovanni prefer to leave here this experience and short lesson ... or recall ... simply because the consequence of this result are simple limitless ...



Giovanni A. Orlando.

PS. I know about some cultures that actually produce matter ... using DNA. Thanks!

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