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Wednesday, 13 August 2008 06:33

Who said that minerals have no power or value? ... All minerals? ... Sound strange !?



Who said that Minerals have no power ? ...

In accord to the first books about Minerals published in Greece by Theophrastus (Teofrasto) around the year 300 A.C.

Check the book is you want: http://www.farlang.com/gemstones/theophrastus-on-stones/page_001

as well the book published by Plinio il Vecchio in Rome, Minerals have "magic power" ...

Have you figure out why girls and jewels are made on emerald or Topaz? ... Because they are beauty? Also Quartz are beauty !

Because they are rare? 

The Oil (Thanks to God is going down! ) Today is offered about 112.00 US$ per gallon  ... It is renewable, but is sold like not renewable!

Gold price is around 1 Million US$ for 1 Kg ...

There are also emerald, Rubi, and of course Diamonds and others and others ... some have power, according to few and some have not, but ALL have an important significance in our life and live.

Would be complicated is someone said that diamond are useful for health that a girl remove their diamond and use it for that.

There are a Big Mis respect about Minerals. If I were a Mineral, I will get bad humor.

Consider the Iron! ... 

The Earth's core is composed by Fe (Hierro, Ferro) Iron, and its magnetic power creates gravity!

Gravity is Dimension #1 ... or the first Dimension!, and is a single point

This resonate with our Blood, because also in our blood we include also minerals and more specifically, Iron!

Minerals, like plants belong to the second dimension ... Please think on this! 

Now, consider the Quarz (SiO2) ... How many rocks of Quarz you can find in a beach ... Thousands! What we do with these rocks? ... Nothing.

Quarz for example include a simple and very small electric voltage. Any kind of Quarz.

I can tell you I get burn my right hand some days ago. Well, I can comment that I recover more of the dynamic as well I feel a great strong electricity using two types of Quarz.

So, not only plants have their role in human health, in the help of a faster and better cure, but also minerals.

There are other minerals that may help us to transform energy. This means rise low energy. This is the Amethyst (that is a variety of Quarz). The name comes from greek a- ("not") and methustos ("intoxicated". 


The Amethyst can change the vibration of a space or person, for lower to higher.

In South America, specifically in Venezuela, I found places where you can purchase stones (or minerals) and it is showed their relative role in health. This seems common also in Brazil. 

So each mineral have its specific role, like a fly!


Dr. Giovanni A. Orlando.

PS. Are minerals alive like plants? Yes, of course! What name do you use to sold out alive beings?  It is not really a good word.  

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